Our Mission

The mission of the Putnam County Hospice and Palliative Care Association is to enhance the quality of life and reduce suffering by increasing the number of Putnam County residents who experience the benefits of utilizing hospice and palliative care services.  This will be accomplished through education of medical care providers and residents of Putnam County and by providing support, care coordination, and navigational resources.

The PCHPCA was established through one of many gifts by Putnam County’s First Lady of Philanthropy, Mary Louise Miller. Touched by a friend’s experience with hospice and palliative care, Mary Louise had a vision that all residents of Putnam County would have access to these standards of care. The Association’s work realizes her vision through community engagement and provider education.

Our Leadership

The Board of Directors is a dedicated group of individuals representing health care, elder care facilities, funeral homes, the faith community, caregivers, and others committed to the mission of the association.

Julianne Miranda, President
Michael Goss, Vice President
Lisa Miller, Recording Secretary
Elaine Peck, Treasurer

Board Members
Danise Baird
Lisa Bell
Jinsie Bingham
Cindy Little
Lisa Miller
Sharon Nicoson
Joni Perkins
John Savage
John Tischer
Dennis Weatherford

Putnam County Hospice and Palliative Care Association Director
Tammy Hunter